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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


randy got the 4-wheel out of the ice!  we went to walmart!  i’m sitting here with ginger snaps and cocoa (i had been rationing the latter to put in my coffee in the morning; it seems silly now:)  i bought oranges and soymilk and bread, much more of each than i'll use, but i can always take it all home with me when i go.  if i ever get my own car out, that is.

the guys assure me that tomorrow i’ll be able to get out, too. and if not, they want to drive me to the folk school!  and pick me up!  christmas dinner, folded laundry, now chauffeur service--life is niiice :)  they’re thinking of leaving now on saturday and will have to find somebody else to take care of the animals.  i told them i’d search out charlotte to see if she wants to.

i checked facebook: gayle’s been iced in just like me. kathy drove her car out and got it stuck in the ice two days ago.  will seems to be back in atllanta. donna and lynday don’t seemed to have made it to dances yet, and nobody else has posted much about dance week—too busy dancing, i guess.  so i don’t know if karen axelrod actually got here or not.  i posted on her wall, but she doesn’t check facebook often it seems.  i’ll have to find her.

tomorrow!  yes, tomorrow! randy says he’ll take me over in the early afternoon.  i’ll need to work on that little/middle contract in the morning so i can hand it to kisha.  i considered putting in for a sub for monday, but wednesday simply seems too soon to tell…and the brasstown follies is tomorrow night, not wednesday. not that i’m going, but is seems that people adapt.

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