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Sunday, December 12, 2010

snow watch

only four more days before i’m scheduled to drive to brigadoon and, of course, as usual i’m worrying about snow.  i plan to drive from here to perry on friday evening and it shouldn’t be snowing there, and then get up on saturday early and check that there may be a four hour window that will get me through.  we’re going caroling on saturday night, it’s my party (and david’s) and i wanna be there! :)

so this is what i need to do today:

  • clean the turkey stock yuck off the kitchen floor
    • fix the drippy washer drainpipe discovered in so doing
  • paper pack
    • blue bonnet
  • pack art etc. stuff.
    • fiber & spindle
    • zimmermann and spindle dvds
    • dvd player
    • CDs! (get guitar ones from cypress)
    • watercolor supplies
    • rivercane art journal
    • camera and flip
    • zentangle book
    • guitar books
    • screaming roses
    • decide which knit projects (green sweater? chemise?)
  • decide not to cook meatloaf and squash casserole for the week
  • bathe and etc.  eat.

that’s the absolute sunday minimum.  i cannot knit all day.  but some:)


oh hell: all.

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