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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the second morning

solstice is tonight, total eclipse last night, which i did not bother to watch.  the huge moon has been fabulous as it rises, though.


slept in until 8 this morning!  there’s no frost on the car at all today, but it’s rather drippy out, not exactly rain, but occasional drips from above nonetheless, and so i don’t think it’s even 32  (yesterday was 20  at 9am, so i don’t know what it was at dawn, but it was cold.)  i want to stay in all day today and work, but i keep thinking of reasons to go out, of course.  i need to see things.  and i do, but perhaps i will do a warm-up painting today from pictures i already have.  that should get me started.

randy will give me goat lessons in the evening, and perhaps gayle or will might come by, who knows?  i can go out mid-day and check the innerwebs, maybe stop by the gift shop and brasstown shops for just few minutes and be back within an hour?  i have enough food,and i don’t need to do a grocery and laundry run until thursday, i don’t think.  they say it could easily be a white christmas weekend and i’ll be here on my own.  no problem, i can feed all the quick, and michael says i must drive the “mule” (which is the most worrisome thing.)   it seems i am to become  a mountain woman.  linda allen told me she fed the animals for them last year and i’ll be fine—but then she is a mountain woman! :)


the netbook makes such a good bed warmer!  i woke up around 4 and discovered it was on battery, and flailed a bit, until i realized it simply had pulled the cord out from where it joins to the power adapter and i’d forgotten to check that, so that’s okay ( i am yet suffering form mild anxieties about things: the netbook dying, is that a noise in the car? is that rivulet coming from me or the car parked uphill from me? is that tire down somehow? butterfly mcqueen, etc.) made a big egg-cheese-toast-tangelo-coffee breakfast this morning and now all i want to do is burrow and read.  which i will do for awhile, at least until the morning turns less burrow-like :)

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