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Monday, December 20, 2010

the first morning

i slept from around 9 last night until 4:30 this morning, only waking up once, i think.  it’s still dark and i’ve poked around and made my chicory coffee and put on one of the  collection of cds i brought up to leave here for the cabin.  they’ve now named the place “misty meadow farm” or some such, but whatever.  it doesn’t need a name.  i just grabbed as many cds as would fit in my bag, making sure half of them were christmas cds.  i can always bring back more in summer, if i ever get myself to focus enough to actually chose from the drawersful i have in tampa which, judging from the dates on some, are from about 1994 and i haven’t listened to them in this century.

one odd thing:  sometime yesterday, perhaps on the drive up, i found myself thinking about Dr. Zhivago. i didn’t know why. then when i got here the video was in the player!  i don’t know if it was here over the summer and i just subliminally remembered it, but ?  so i get to watch Dr. Zhivago this week!  maybe i’ll find why i was thinking of it.  cold mountain is here, too, and i’d been wanting to see that again.  i remember i didn’t see anything there  i wanted to watch when i was here in summer, but maybe that was just because they were out of season?  i didn’t even think, but I should have brought that VHS masterpieces of art series i bought to teach with that turned out to be unsuitable; i have no reason to keep it for myself.

when i go into town today i want to go to the dollar store and see if they have any of those potpourri simmerers.  in order to simmer water here i have to turn on the gas burner and i don’t want to leave that on all the time. but i do want to simmer water.  want to check out some candles, too. if dollar store doesn’t have any, i can always go to walmart—i know it’s christmas, but doubt there are enough people here to cause a madhouse!

i’m looking forward to seeing the sun come up in an hour or so, see what it looks like now.  i want to get some pictures of the meadow and some frost, so i can make paintings!  i think the solstice is…tomorrow?

i put my down and satin comforter in a pillow case to bring with me, and then left it sitting on my bed in tampa.  doesn’t matter, they’ve plenty of bedding here, including some heavy acrylic blankets fleece that are like bears, they’re so warm. i’m quite comfortable.  as usual, it take the heat awhile to fill up the room, so it wasn’t a good idea to turn it down so low when i first got in and it was so warm—then it was chilly for the first hour or so i went to bed!  but now it’s just fine.    i need to push the button on the cd again…fareed hacque


  • dollar store 8am?
    • potpourri simmer
    • candles
    • nightlight
    • antibiotic ointment
    • mouthwash
  • yarn circle 9am?
    • check in on fb
    • message john
    • message kathy
    • find out where and when julie’s
    • new projects?
  • doug’s for guitar 10am?
  • folk school gift shop11am?
    • mugs
    • cds?
    • shirt
    • something for judy?
  • painting—noon!

there, i set up a to do list to put on nook, let’s see if that works out.

the sun’s rising.


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