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Monday, December 27, 2010

second monday







DSCN6120i found npr from asheville on the radio, and now it’s morning edition as usual.  this is the third day of the great snowstorm of 2010. even snowed in, i run into more people (3) than ever i would in tampa (0) !

michael and randy brought me more feast leftovers yesterday afternoon, and then when i went out to sample the falling snow i ran into kathy dudek, who was sliding down the drive to my meadow (as you can see in the video i posted yesterday,)

  VID00093-1VID00093-2 VID00093-3

i didn’t write anything for the past couple of days, but the pictures and videos show more than ever i could have done, i’m sure.

  DSCN6108 DSCN6109  DSCN6111  DSCN6110


i watched cold mountain on the vcr the other night.  i had forgotten that it was about this very area, but then i had never been to this area yet when i first saw it, had i?  as beautiful as it is, it doesn’t really do it justice, though.


and now i am realizing i am running out of milk.  if i don’t get out tomorrow, i will be relegated to putting hot cocoa mix in my morning coffee—o horrors!  as for food?  yeah, a total dearth of cookies here, how will i survive?


i’ve been thinking about the great depression and how what we’re going through—the economy, not the snowstorm—is so very different.  we may have little money at present (and in my case, not even that as i have a job, just concerns for its long-term feasibility) but we’re still amidst the opulence that we spent it all on so it sure doesn’t seems like hard times yet, just a temporary shortage of necessities amidst the luxury…and it would be such a shame to lose it all.

i bought wool and i’ve been knitting like crazy, in between video making.  i even happily ripped out all that i spent yesterday morning working on, but i did finish two more hats and the peace fleece socks i’m showing to pam silva. if i ever get out of here, that is. (i’m hoping not:)

i haven’t been over to the folk school at all, except that first night i went for wifi to find the were actually closing up!  they should be open now, since dance week was to have  started yesterday; i wonder if many people got in yet? was there  a dance last night? i doubt i’ll get out of here before tomorrow, and that may be walking: kathy said she would show me the trail, but i don’t know if i will take it after all. i’m pretty happy (very happy!) right where i am.  who would have thought i would ever not mind missing dance week? perhaps a dance on wednesday?

i do regret not being able to get out to lunch with john today, nor even being able to let him know :(  he’ll figure that out though, i’m sure.  i hope there’ll be a time to meet later in the week, although i know he has chemo tomorrow, so maybe not. oh dear. this not having internet is quite an upsetter of what is now daily life, isn’t it. how we suffer. perhaps i’ll climb up to the big house and ask to use the guys’ computer…




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