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Monday, December 20, 2010


whew!  i was a disaster this morning!  spilled my coffee, and then in cleaning it up missed the actual sunrise and overturned another glass of water.  lost one driving glove and then found it, frost covered, outside on the ground, whereupon i couldn’t find the first one.  broke my french press, which i’d carried in the trunk of the car for six months just waiting to bring it back up here to use it—at least i had coffee out of it before i broke it washing it up.  lost my mouse.

the car was frosted over and the temp was 20 when i got out an hour later than i’d thought i would.  drove gingerly down to murphy to get another french press, and a mouse, and the errands detailed below.  bought 13 fun things at the dollar store!  also a bottle of wine and the new french press at ingles.  had lunch at blue mountain cafe again—where i discovered they have wifi so i messaged doug and found julie’s address, but forgot to message john:( stopped by yarn circle and said hi to martha, then by doug’s to get my guitar. by that time i was ready to come home for a shower and a lie-down, and here i am.  my mouse will turn up; my driving glove already did.  it’s all good.  it’s clear and sunny and 2pm and i’m ready for a nap!


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