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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

solipsism sets in

well, i found my mouse.  it wasn’t, in fact, lost; i’d just forgotten i’d put it back in the media bag.  so now it’s in the portable bag where it belongs, only i don’t have anywhere to port it.  i am beginning to get flustered, like i was on that first morning here.  things don’t work as planned and i can’t fix them right away, as i am used to.

first off is painting. this, it seems is not a day for painting. i futzed around, and then decided to set up the picture of the big jar, see if that would work for jackie, and decided to print it out since the glare on the computer screen is too bright to see it over there where i paint.  set up the photo printer (which was when i found the mouse) only to discover that, for some reason, it isn’t installed on the netbook. i thought i had when i set it up on the worktable at home, did i just plug it in? i thought i had printed on it there, but it is not installed, and now i can’t get the driver to install it, of course, until i can get online. so then i took down the printer, by which time the glare had moved onto table itself and had become too bad to work there.

obviously this is not the time to persist.  but what?  sit and knit some more? read?  argh.  this must be what cabin fever is like—i have many things i could be doing and i can’t seem to settle on any of them.  this is when i’d take a turn over to the folk school, but it seems to be too icy out there.  radio says the temp is up to 30 in asheville.  they say it will be a little warmer each day until friday is in the mid-50s. hope that lasts long enough to let me drive home saturday morning—i wonder if karen ever got here? i haven’t even seen the guys today, the 4-wheel is still parked next to my corolla. 

so here i am, back on the daybed, being frustrated and chilling. Picture 001-1











poor me.


update:  boy, is it too icy! randy hiked down with a cane (!) for ballast, to report that the access road between rivercane and their place is a sheet of solid ice.  so is the one between their place and my meadow, the one kathy was sliding down the other day.  both of them are almost constantly in the shade, so there’s not a lot of hope they’ll clear today, i guess.  perhaps the one to the meadow, so i can get up to the big house again easier? i don’t know.  but the road up to the mailbox gets none but dappled sun, so i don’t think there’s a lot of hope there. it melts quite rapidly when the sun hits it, but at night when it goes way down it refreezes, and where the sun doesn’t hit? solid ice sheet.

DSCN6151randy even slipped on my steps, pointing out that they look fine, but are all ice underneath.  


not cotton bolls, but all the snow left on the tree outside my door.,


cars in muck.


muck.  under the muck: ice. and this is where the sun hits in full; where it doesn’t hit is up the hill behind that big tree on the left, the road up to the big house, and from there up to the mailbox on the street. straight up, of course; i remember videoing driving down it in summer.  the mail got delivered today, anyway, first since friday, which is a good sign.  the rest of brasstown is out and about, i think.

perhaps on thursday?  the guys won’t be able to leave after all, if we can’t get out tomorrow, and they’ll have to go instead after i leave and get someone else to feed the animals—as randy pointed out, no one could get in to us to feed them either.  we be stuck.  i’m beginning to wonder if i will get back to work on monday, but that’s nearly a whole week away and i will wait until friday to arrange for a sub if i need one.  sigh.  it’s so weird not to be able to get over to the folk school, but even walking is treacherous (hence the cane) and so perhaps i might not even get to one dance, can that be?

oh well.  relax and enjoy it; i couldn’t be in a more agreeable place. the melt is dripping off the roof like rain, and randy is even throwing my bedraggled laundry in for me! i just wish i could bring myself to paint the whole time, perhaps later this afternoon and evening, when the sun is off the table?  we shall see.   perhaps i shall wind up some of martha’s wool and make some more stripedy socks.


but now?  leftover christmas feast! times is tough! :)



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