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Monday, December 27, 2010



i went out for a walk because the painting wasn’t coming together yet and i decided to go see humans.  i walked up to the big house to say hi to michael and randy, and connect with facebook on their computer.  julie already had warned people off of the christmas morning brunch that i didn’t get to, and john posted last night that he was snowed in so we couldn’t do lunch today, so i didn’t miss anything.  pam howard said there was a dance at the folk school last night, but bob apparently couldn’t get down so i wonder who did?  lots of musicians frozen out, and they say the web page says people should come in this afternoon now.  taija posted wondering what the road was like, and he’s right next door; i don’t know if he ever went out, though. i’m so lucky this happened this year when i was already here and staying longer anyway, since that’s what i was always so worried about when i did winter dance week: losing any minutes at all of these precious days!

randy and i walked up the sun-dappled drive to the road, and he moved the limb that was blocking it so we can get out now (although i can’t, in the corolla, and have no intention of trying!)  took peanut, and the dog who wants to eat my left foot.




it’s supposed to be 15 tonight, which means icy, but then up in the high 30s tomorrow so maybe i’ll get to a wednesday dance? the sun is out full now and things are rapidly melting.  consensus seems to be around 8-9” we got and it seems like it’s all going away at once this afternoon, or that’s what it feels like anyway!

speaking of icy, walking back down the hill i went down twice, but it was in a foot of snow so no damage done, except to the landscape :)

DSCN6144(where i landed—the second time  ^ )     

hmmmm, lunch?  i’m thinking creamed corn, green beans and potatoes, sweet potato casserole and a chicken breast…

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