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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

moving on…

showed-in day four. it’s 13 degrees  in asheville, so the radio says, so i guess it’s around that here, i don’t know.  i forgot to turn the heat up last night, so i woke up stupid.  but heat’s easily remedied (not so much stupid) and now i’m having coffee and toast, and am gearing up for the shower.  the meadow looks trashed now, after randy tried to clear it some yesterday by making a circular drive with the heavy 4-wheel.


then he couldn’t get the 4-wheel back up the hill so it sits parked next to my little corolla.

i sure hope i can get out of here by tomorrow, at least—not that i mind being stuck here, believe me, but i’m out of milk for coffee and i’m also a bit concerned about running out of batteries as the camera seems to be eating them up at a rate of about a set per day. not looking forward to the guys leaving, either, but i do really need to make sure i can get in and out before they go; surely by tomorrow?

meanwhile, i’ve decided to move on to the next painting; warmth is becoming overworked and currently is mostly taken back to the under painting in the darks, waiting for a new direction.  yes, i know, one doesn’t underpaint watercolors, but that’s what i’m working on, getting as many layers of color in as i can before it goes to mud.


a possible new direction is i’m thinking of adding some slippers and socks on the floor southwest of the chair leg, in the shadow of the heater, where there seems to be a place readymade for them, and i shot some pics of my slippers as they lay this morning for the purpose. also, these photos are pointing out to me that grave` shadow on the left is important; i’m not even sure how prominent it is in the actual painting, camera picked it up, but it will be:)

but not now. it’ll wait in its unfinished state until it doesn’t make me so crazy. so that means i start another one today, instead. i had said i would spend the time painting, and it seems the only way to make me actually do that is to snow me in.  my new goal is five paintings, one each day now,  and we’ll see what states they get to by the next mornings.

so what’s for today?






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