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Thursday, December 23, 2010

and then! poof!

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3am: the lights just came on up at the big house, where i’d retreated after they went out last night some five hours ago.  i had just returned to my cabin, actually,  having been up here for drinks and chat in the evening, where we discussed the apocalyptic storm that’s supposed to be coming this way, such that the guys have postponed their trip home to florida and we’ll do christmas here together!  at one point this morning they were saying we could get up to 15 inches!  randy had fed me a martini and i had just returned to my body and driven it back down the hill and changed into my flannel nightgown when the lights flickered and turned off the cd player, and then went out altogether.

i decided to put my clothes back on and come back up here, which took some doing as i had to find them again in the dark, and after about half an hour that’s what i did, figuring they’d have heat here, or at least stay warmer longer than my little cabin would if we iced over—and by the time i’d gotten dressed again randy was down there with the mule, to scoop me up!  so we sat up here for awhile and then i bedded down on the couch and we all turned in.  it sure took a long time, five whole hours, and the whole mountain was dark.  i don’t know how far it spread—was all of brasstown dark? murphy?*  the heat and the water and everything was out, even though they have propane and a well and etc. because everything  that accesses those things—ignition, pump—is electric.  but it never got cold, and the electricity came on again about 2:30.  i turned on the tv to see if there was a local channel, but there isn’t (atlanta is the closest) and turned on the computer to see if i could access the DSL, WHICH I COULDN’T—BUT NOW I THINK PERHAPS THAT DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING AS IT MAY HAVE TO BE RESET?  I DON’T NOW.  ANYWAY, I’M GOING BACK TO SLEEP, STAYING UP HERE ON THE COUCH UNTIL MORNING.  BUT A FITTING CLIMAX TO AN EVENTFUL DAY, ABOUT WHICH I HAVEN’T EVEN WRITTEN YET!


* eta:  a car hit a utility pole on 64, and took out our line all the way up the mountain.  but pam howard later told me they weren’t out, nor was the folk school.  as for the screaming capitals?  typing in the dark…:)

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