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Sunday, December 19, 2010

i am home


i got here just as the sun was setting.  cars were parked in front of kathy’s house for the party, and i snaked around them to get up the hairpin turn to michael and randy’s, but i’m not going to make it to this party.  i am ded.

i drove from 7am, straight through.  i used to do it all the time, but once i started staying over in perry, i spoiled myself.  i didn’t get much sleep last night, a couple of hours only, and then set out at least an hour after i had planned. got  my usual venti regular coffee with cream and three sugars at my usual starbucks, and then pointed north.  it was very, very foggy, but that was no problem.  i stopped in ocala for my usual multigrain bagel with cream cheese, and another extra large coffee with cream and three sugars, figuring that i’d need to keep awake. but by that time it was about 8:30 and i really didn’t feel tired anymore.  it remained foggy all the way to lake city, and then i stopped and got gas in valdosta, where i also called randy to let him know i was on my way.  i said i was aiming for atlanta by 1.

but i forgot about food, of course: i stopped in perry (!) for fried chicken around 1.  then from there it was straight on through atlanta, up 575, refueling on chastain in kennesaw, and then up to murphy highway (60) right around 5:00.  i always get misty-eyed when i turn off there, for it’s the road to brigadoon.

i stopped at ingles to buy provisions ($40, or what i would have spent for the motel in perry, so i’m still ahead)—coffee, bread, nuts, peanut butter, cheese, tangelos, apple juice, etc.  i had no sooner gotten into the bakery aisle than i ran into doug somervell!  as soon as i got into town!  i never ever run into people anywhere else, i don’t know anybody anywhere else, but there was doug somervell, who had been wondering if i had arrived yet. i told you this was home! i’d had a vague plan of nosing in at the keith house parking lot and sending a quick post that i had arrived, tagging both him and kathy, but now there he was.  kathy won’t miss me, she doesn’t even really know me in real life! and i’ll connect with her tomorrow sometime (i think she has to work this week to make up for snow days?) i wanted her to show me where the trail to the folk school is.

the weather was fine once the fog abated, and the sun came out south of perry.  it was clear and in the 40s until i got to b’town.  doug said i would have been fine yesterday, but i’m glad i waited; it was a nice drive.  i wasn’t even tired until i got here and then unpacking all the stuff i threw in the car and stowing things away, and i’m just dead.  drinking lots of water as i feel quite dehydrated; put a pan of water to simmer on the stove, too.

it’s after 8 now and kathy’s party ends at 9 anyway.  oh well.  i still have one tomorrow night, at julie’s, that i’ll have to find out how to get to.  think i’ll go in to yarn circle tomorrow, say hi to pam, or martha, or charlotte, and connect. i need to drop by doug’s to pick up my guitar, too.  and begin the painting.  perhaps i can paint in the morning. must talk with randy at some point, too, so he can show me what to do with the goats and chickens while they’re gone; i wonder when they’re leaving? tomorrow sounds like it will be taken up with errands.

i’m here! actually, i’m kind of sad i didn’t get to the party, after all that happiness that i’d been invited.  i got a bit shy to go, too, i think,  but mostly it was too tired. :(

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