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Friday, November 26, 2010

this old house: black friday

progress made: DSCN5998 DSCN5997DSCN5999   DSCN6001 all that is left to do on these is regular general cleaning (and in the case of the day after thanksgiving in the kitchen?  yeah, lots of that.)


no progress made yet:

DSCN6000need to clear out the utility closet DSCN6006ditto the hall, including packing away the projects obscuring the hall tree (see the dehumidifier, now in the back of the house?:)

DSCN6002need to clear the painting spaceDSCN6003and clean up, including hanging this “new” curtain and prepare that window for the new a/c that’s to go under it

DSCN6004  yeah,  massive general cleaning needed on the living room, including fixing up the windows and rehanging the crochet panels.  right now it looks like i’m moving out!  also need to trash the television armoire and—drumroll—the storage closet, neither of whichare visible here.  once i get that done, there will be a lot more places to put stuff…

DSCN6007and, finally, need to clean out the study.  there’s a closet that needs to be trashed in here, too, plus a huge amount of shredding.  rearranging wires.  but mostly general cleaning. (not even thinking about culling the books and the (3!) book armoires, only one of which is visible here..)


ALL the floors need cleaning.  i got a sponge-on-a-stick at the dollar store, and some spic and span to pour on the kitchen floor, to get the most egregious stuff off so i won’t stick to it (too much.)  but there’s a big refurbish due in there, which includes grout,and adhesives and such.  (ditto the bathroom, which i didn’t picture because, at about 6X6, it’s actually too small to get a picture of!  so that won’t take so long.:)

so what i need to do in the next three weekends (which includes this one) is get the general cleaning done.  then on weekends in the new year i can start those little improvements i gave up on several years ago,  like trashing closets, and grouting countertops, etc. at least everything is visible now (except the insides of the mentioned closets, which can only be reduced.)  this project has been going on since June 2009 and i can’t believe i’m finally this close at last! (of course, blowing out the ac on that july 4th weekend put a BEEEg crimp in…)  then?  there’s always the outside…

ah, the dehumidifier is beeping.  that means, in the last 24 hours, it has sucked up 17 pints (more than two gallons) of water from moisture and general humidity.  i’m hoping it will get it all evened out sometime soon, so it won’t have to run all the time…gotta go dump it in the fountain!

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