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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

omg, i did it!

AIR!!!  and it really wasn’t hard, and it’s sturdy and it works!  and it cost under $200 and only about $45 a year to run!

   DSCN5993 DSCN5995


I feel so accomplished, i’m encouraged to buy a bigger one for the front of the house while i can take advantage of all this free shipping.  I can do this!  the only problem will be lifting it as the bigger one is over 100 lbs, but maybe i can hire the guy next door or something, just to lift it into the window.  I can use the same idea using a tile-topped iron table that’s already sitting outside that window, and put it up on bricks.  hear me roar!

all i have to do on this one  is trim the insulation and repack it around the flanges, rehang the stained glass about an inch higher, and wash the windows.  another day.  right now i must send an email to michael and randy, I DID IT!!!  AIR!!!!

ETA: I found one that’s only 75 pounds on Amazon.  Still free shipping but it’s $200 cheaper than Best Buy (different model, more like the one i have in the bedroom now, only bigger, for 640 ‘sq.)  So i can’t pay it off in 18 months but instead must pony up now on my visa card.  Ulp.  but $200 is $200.  So i bit.  Should be here by weekend after next.  Enough time to get the place cleared out for it, hmmmm? :D

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