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Sunday, November 21, 2010

the best laid plans…


i never seem to do what i say i will.  mais c’est la vie.  i spent all of day two in the bedroom again, clearing out drawers, washing down surfaces.  ah well, it certainly needed doing.   i have a whole shelf empty (except for gibbon) on the bottom of the bookcase, and drawers in the vanity and dresser cleared out.  i still have all this make up that i no longer wear, but it can just stay there and be picturesque awhile longer. 

so tomorrow i must tackle the ac question at home depot.  that’s going to take up nearly all my time, i think, so that puts me behind schedule. but who’s counting?  at least my little 100’sq french/english/creole/charleston antique-crammed sanctuary is clean again.

  DSCN5977 the view from the door, below.DSCN5976the sheers are down; the green velvets (hello, scarlett?) will go up when the weather demands, but apparently not this week…

DSCN5978 the new window ac will replace the fan-in-the-chair.

DSCN5983some twinkly lights need replacing.

DSCN5982 the faux door, and you can’t see the empty bookcase shelf at the bottom.

i still need to weed out the perfume vitrine above the bookcase, i forgot about that.  i guess i did do what i said i would after all, just not as much as i’d thought i would.  but i am tired now and am resting atop the bed.


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