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Sunday, November 21, 2010

thanksgiving clearance: ten days to fix my world

 DSCN5973 DSCN5974 DSCN5975

yesterday, saturday (day one),  i did the first rough pass on clearing out the bedroom.  i still need to weed out the bookcase, dresser and vanity drawers, and more of the closet but, beyond cleaning off the surfaces and rapidly passing through each of these with trashbags, i need to move on now.

tomorrow, monday (day two)  i go to home depot to purchase cinderblocks and bricks for the bedroom ac, roundup for the base of the house, and sanded grout and tile adhesive for the sink countertop and bathroom surround. that means i must first make a goodwill run to make room for haulage.

and that means i must gather up as much as i can today from the back rooms to take there, and to put out with the trash tomorrow.

so that's today, sunday day two.

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