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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

exhausted woman is exhausted

wow.  ded.  but i got a lot done!  i got the fiber studio trashed out (including the contents of the armoire, which is now empty ready for—wait for it—fiber!) all the design and technique books are shelved in my own willy nilly fashion.  and i moved the dehumidifier in there where it should be as amazon has already shipped the new window ac for the front of the house and it should be here by the first!

that means i’ll have to get the patio area cleared off, roundup sprayed and etc.  by this weekend.  but i think i can do that as i’m doing so well!  I also got the linen closet cleared out and spaces made for the bedding and towels etc. and the perfume vitrine!

tomorrow is thanksgiving and i must cook the bird—can i do it without brining it this once?  please?  while it’s cooking, i can work on clearing up the kitchen and the utility closet in the hall and fix up the bathroom—shouldn’t be too bad.  then on Friday do the painting space and living room, leaving saturday for whatever i can get done to the study and sunday to die.

i need to go back to home depot and get a new sprayer nozzle for the sink hose. can’t do that until friday, and of course that’s Black Friday, so i’ll have to wait till saturday.  i also discovered that my electrolux vacuum is supposed to have a filter in it! who knew?  i can get one on ebay though, so that will be okay and i hope i haven’t garmed anything up using it without one—the little i’ve used it.  stupid brooklyn 1987 guy.  googling that, i discovered there are all these youtube videos of people with my vacuum, vacuuming their carpets.  weird.

the bedroom ac has been on 75:economy all day and it hasn’t really been running at all.  it’s 82 out there, but it’s pretty comfortable in here.  every 10 minutes it wakes up and checks to see it’s still not over 75 and then goes back to sleep.  great.  the dehumidifier, otoh, has been running all day and it’s 39% humidity out there.  i set it on 50% so it really must be sucking the moisture out of that room.  good!  it’s now in the older part of the house, of course, so i had to put a 3-prong to 2-prong adapter on it which means it’s not grounded, i think.  i don’t think that‘s good, but i don't know what i can do bout it.  my computer in the study is the same way, and the ac in the bedroom, but i have those running on surge protectors.   don’t know if that makes a difference or not; I’ll pick a couple more up for the fiber studio, though, just in case.

no pictures today.  batteries ded. on the camera, too.

all this time i’m also working a bit on the green sweater.  I have picked up the stitches on the first armhole steek elebenty times before i think i got it the way it should look.  so that’s a lot of knitting and ripping, knitting and ripping…

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