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Monday, November 22, 2010

i’ve been such a good girl

i actually spent two days cleaning as i said i would!  now, of course, i want off, but i think perhaps i will be able to continue around noon or so?  just like yesterday.  here are the things i want/need to get done:

  • trash studio*
  • trash perfume vitrine and vanity drawer*
  • trash hall closets*
    1. redo linen closet
    2. sort bedding storage
    3. redo utility closet
  • install bedroom a/c*
    1. buy cinderblocks and bricks
  • trash and clean kitchen*
    1. grout kitchen counter
    2. deal with floor
    3. wash curtains
  • cook turkey!*
  • blood tests*
  • wash curtains*
    1. bathroom panel
    2. painting space panel
    3. living room panels
  • clean and patch up bathroom
    1. regrout tub surround
    2. tack wallpaper border
  • trash study
    1. clear out closet
    2. reroute wires
    3. shred!
  • clear out hallway
    1. pack up projects
  • clean wood floors
  • trash painting space
    1. load up dresser
    2. move dehumidifier to fiber studio
    3. install a/c
  • clean living room
    1. rehang curtains*
    2. get new aspidistra
  • trash storage closet and reload
    1. pack up glassware
  • clear off porch
  • clear off patio
    1. ROUNDUP base of house
  • service car
  • baubles for shawls


realistically, not all of this has to be done this week*, but i would like to get as much done now as i can.  i just hope i don’t lose my momentum!

(but i feel it leaking out again, again:)

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