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Friday, October 19, 2012

trust yourself

on the spur of the moment, i bought some fabric the other day.  i know, i don’t buy things. but reading kaffe’s book and thinking about interiors must have inspired me to drive the mile or so to boca bargoons, where interior design fabrics are sold for a tiny fraction of their regular prices—try eight bucks a yard?-- with the idea of, maybe, finally fixing the wimpy commercial curtain panels on the front windows, which i left off working with a decade or so ago…

DSCN3746(the fiber space, aka living room)

the idea was to use those ordinary closeout sale ones as liners for my own panels of fabric, which i might change at will (they are stationary) but i never got there.

i got there.

thank goodness i’ve learned to trust myself, because obviously i unconsciously was manifesting this, although i did not realize it until i started taking these pictures just now…


…while i was there wandering around the towering, floor-to-ceiling displays of horizontally bolted fabric. what i did realize was that i probably should consider, at least cursorily, some attempt to tie together the good-color-but-badly matched plaid, french, linen window panel in the painting space…


with its admittedly eclectic surroundings…







DSCN3743(the painting space, nee dining room)

and the only way i would ever do that was just to throw more colors and patterns at it until i got there.

i got there.

i came up with--went right to them, pretty much, on opposite parts of the store--these:


i especially love the apple green weft on the red check taffeta, it’s what tripped my unconscious into my conscious and screamed “that one!”



yeah, trust yourself.  couldn’t really have done better if i’d tried. who knew i needed to wait a decade to find the perfect thing?  i’m thinking the fuller, lined flowerdy ones on either end of each window, and then a flatter, unlined hanging of the red/green to take the place of each center panel.  cut down the middle, unfinished edges, the better to take advantage of that weft…already have the stepladder out…

(mo bettah before pics here.)

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