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Saturday, October 13, 2012

kaffe thoughts

the line drawings, contours, remind me of mine at osfa a dozen years later in that journal i made there in 1974. seem to have a great deal to do with our subsequent works.

and here i am teaching 21st century children how frida’s  are put together, proportion, contour, balance with imaginary imagery, emphasize with intensity, or contrast, or negative space…when i don’t do it that way myself, nor do i believe—or was ever taught—that’s the way to do it, or even the way she did it, but because the curriculum says they’re to be tested on identifying proportion, balance, emphasis, things that can be named.

art that can be named is usually fairly inert.  but what do i know? i never had an art class, until i went to art school in 1978. perhaps that’s what they were like.  kaffe dropped out of his, after all.  i just got lucky, as usual…

when i mentioned to him that i wanted to do mosaic with elementary school kids, he looked at me as if i were out of my mind.  perhaps he was right, i don’t know.

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