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Sunday, October 21, 2012

today’s stupidity: FLOOD!

me. i’m the stupidity.

i thought i’d be clever, see, and start the laundry early. then i went out into the living room with my coffee.  an hour or so later when i went back to the kitchen to start the bread, i encountered this:


doesn’t look so bad does it?  but i had forgotten all about the machine needing manual shutoff now, and who knows how much dribbled away somehow, before i encountered this at-least-inch-deep pool in the northwest corner of the kitchen?  there used to be a drain under there so the floor cants that way and, although the tiles setters paved right over it, in their infinite wisdom, when i put in the Saltillo tile some 15 years ago (something i didn’t find out for years!) the tile and grout must somehow be porous, as water spilled there has continued to disappear somehow i know not where.

but not this much!  i spun out the brimming washer (manually, mind you) removed the clothes to the dryer as a holding tank, poured some white vinegar into the pool, and bailed ten (10 ) of these one gallon pails full, using only the broom and pan set above, before i got to the point where i could pull out the washer and bail under it.


true, the floor severely needed cleaning, not to mention shifting the water stash and that damned huge microwave i replaced and have been tripping over since august  waiting for my niece to deign to come and get it, but…. still, it was repairable and only took about an hour. and it could have been sooo much worse!  thank god for canted terra cotta floors, even with paved-over drains, and for only 41% humidity today, the first of the fall.


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