rebirth of the blog

so it's been years. i've knit miles. i do more now. maybe it's time to resurrect this under a new banner?

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

small progressions made

1st load to goodwill; half-a-decade's new york reiews in the newly emptied dumper; the 6' closet i loaded up in the studio room when i moved in 20 years ago now 3/4 emptied. the big questions: 1)what to do with all the linens, hand-crocheted edgings and other ephemera that i want to keep, as well as all the antique persian carpet squares, and etc. how to store them, and where? 2) how do i want to set up my etsy store?

but i have bathed, and am sipping that lovely wine karen and rose gave me on new year's day, with strawberries floated in it,  and i can walk again, none of which are small things.  sufficient unto the day.  now to look up the best antique methods of mildew abatement.  i'm thinking vinegar.

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