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Saturday, April 17, 2010

more tubs

spring break is indeed over and i have to get ready to go back to work monday.  took another load (mostly old throw pillows and such) to goodwill today, and decided to load up the books back into the study (from whence i removed them a couple of years ago or so) in boxes, until i can figure out what i want to do with them. 

that will be plan c, and i'm not thinking about plan c until i finish plan b.

plan b will commence once i'm back at work, so i will do it gradually, cleaning and sorting boxes of things here or there and tossing/donating two boxes (each) a week--trash gets picked up again tomorrow.  that will get the stuff i've been working on this week finished up.

i also bought another half dozen lime green tubs today, and am storing all the stash in them, stacked five high, in the corners of the studio, which seems to be working out well.  i need to finish that up, and at least the temporary organizing of painting area and carpets, etc. in the sterlite tubs they'll replace--all tomorrow.

and that will have been spring break.  back to teaching on monday.  (i loaded up the car with school stuff to take back there, too.) never did make it down to the new baubles to pick up my shawls, although i tried.  in actual knitting (not studio) news, i still haven't finished the lilac sleeve, either, but i cast on for the chemise anyway...

but just now i need a bath.

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