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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

still no wifi for ipads

just phones. still.  and my last post is trapped in the publishing netherworld, maybe it will post itself when i get to a real place.  i'll take a picture again in case it doesn't.

that's dana up there now.  mary ellen's blonde head in the lower left.

so here we are at USF.  performance is about to start, i think. puppets.  
Katie (kd?) adams.  shadow puppets.

oh god, happy voice...

meanwhile, diana osted this gif this morning, do gifs work here?

no.  the camera flashes, is all. oh well.

god, this is not one of the better performances.  two yesrs ago we had a great rgami storyteller and  brought her to my school where they lved her. last year was okay, but no really applicable to my curriculum.  this year.... not so much...
i think my kids would tear this woman up.
oh well, i really nly come for dana anyway. and if i sit here all day i get inservice points.

the thing is, quality is key.  this ain't quality.

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