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so it's been years. i've knit miles. i do more now. maybe it's time to resurrect this under a new banner?

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

back agIn...

 with haea. i'm thking maybe i won't join this year, the price has gone up and i really don't participate. they just had haea members all stand jst as i was writing that, must have been listening.  oh, an we're supposed to include it in our evaluations, i guess i should just pony up.

now dana.  this is really the only thing i come to these for.

they combined art and msic at desoto??

28 new hires this year!  225 total; 136 elementary, 36 middle, 54 high
elementary prioryity exhibitions: young@art, faf


no elementary budget increase approvedqqq

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