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Monday, March 21, 2011

the last day…

of my 4day weekend.  today i must clear stuff away, do things like change the linens, plan my observation lesson for thursday, and get some knitting in, as well as practice spinning before i forget again. somehow i lost an entire day yesterday when i just never got up, but instead read in bed all day and kept falling asleep for long periods.  the day before i’d spent all day learning about spinning and making a total fist of it, which is apparently normal. (i was supposed to go to the spinning group again yesterday, but i was asleep…)  friday, of course, was sitting around waiting for the car day.  and that was my 4day weekend.  so today i  must do sunday chores.  sigh.  the real spring break is just about a month away…perhaps i can get the painting on the front door and kitchen wall done then.


to do:

put away laundry

launder linens

change linen

swif floors

clean bathroom

unload dishwasher

straighten up kitchen, etc.


plan lesson for observation

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