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Saturday, March 26, 2011

how cool is this??

my ball winder arrived from etsy!  can you believe they once made these and somehow they died out??  it’s just perfect:  it’s pure vintage, i’d say somewhere from the 1920s-40s?


i had never seen one before and always wished something like it existed; i’ve been winding my yarn by hand as the winders i’ve seen were either aesthetically atrocious or/(and)  cost hundreds.  but this vintage tool was reasonable, and not a spot of plastic on it. just painted wood and a metal gear with a rubberish washer, it works (and looks)  just like hand rotary eggbeater:


and makes this yarn-egg!


yes, center-pull if you want that.  what could be sweeter?  why on earth did they ever go away and, even curiouser, why isn’t somebody making them again now?  in exotic floofywood, anointed with hand-pressed fleen juice, even?


eta:  plus, operated strategically in its yarn-free state? it could make such an eloquent gesture for those times when words simply will not suffice…


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Nancy Topolski delicately perched said...

What a wonderful and enthusiastic post about the wool winder! I do miss it.

...e... said...

oh no!! i took your own winder??? i just used it this morning; it made me smile :)