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so it's been years. i've knit miles. i do more now. maybe it's time to resurrect this under a new banner?

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

it’s been a looong two weeks…

and one i really don’t wish to relive or recount, so let’s just leave it that car is at home. which is good as i don't think i will ever have the nerve to move him again, voluntarily.


he’s actually superior in some ways to his late older brother, of which, i now find i have no picture. so you’ll have to trust me, he looked just like this, only just a shade warmer color.  car is a 2001 corolla with 100,415 miles right now, which makes him nearly 60% less worn in two years younger.  i am so unnerved by the whole experience that i can’t imagine ever putting back those miles, but i must drive to work and back, and to brigadoon (and back :( albeit without ever turning left again, i’m sure.  or at least not for another three years.

still, i have four days before i have to do any of that.  late on my spring break chores, as usual.  i’m going to sit in the (stationary knitting chair awhile…

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