rebirth of the blog

so it's been years. i've knit miles. i do more now. maybe it's time to resurrect this under a new banner?

knitting projects are more fully described on ravelry, so just follow the links!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

sunday morning market

i have done my bit and bought local, not an easy thing to do as everything looks all alike,  but i got this kitchen sculpture, which has possibilities:


now to get in there and mix it up some more, the way it should have been made.  forgive the backsplash wall, en restauro—i recently popped some more tiles off (or rather, i allowed them to remain down when they slid off in the summer humidity) to provide opportunities for further rustication.  thanksgiving week, in a week, is one of the only two weeks i’m here and not teaching during the year, when “everything” must happen.  this year i’m planning on implementing the “40 bags in 40 days” (modified, of course) and completing this kitchen piece, at the least.

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