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Sunday, April 24, 2011

spring break easter morning

deanna reminded me yesterday to start the bread, so i thought i’d document step 4.:


this is just after it rose for the final 2 hours and i poked a hole in it to see if it was ready.


it was, so i and threw some cornmeal over it and  pulled the hot pot out of the 450F oven


plopped it in


put the top on and baked it 30 minutes.  then i took the top off


and baked it another 30 minutes, then pulled it out.


et voila!


not bad for the first loaf of the year, and it couldn’t be easier: three minutes yesterday, two more this morning while making coffee, and this last bit done while pouring another cup (including pictures.) it takes more time to go to the store!



(i gotta get that countertop grouted…)

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