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so it's been years. i've knit miles. i do more now. maybe it's time to resurrect this under a new banner?

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

meanwhile, back at “home”…ambience

the new heater is very quick and constant.  it's only around 50 degrees out, and that's usually the about the norm here for winter, so with the bedroom door closed it keeps the room quite comfortable overnight set on halfway.


and it looks like i have a gas fireplace in the bedroom.  i'm not entirely sold on that part, but it's working on me...



this weekend i had planned to clear out the front windows and the knitting chair area, and rehang the crochet panels, but it seems gloomy out and this is not conducive to such activities, which must be done in the sun, don’t you know.


that was 7am, but…is that the sun peeking in now?…


eta: 10am…


to work!

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