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Monday, August 02, 2010

ain't no cure for the summertime do's

well, i was in north carolina for four whole weeks, during which time i taught fiber arts, had two weeks to myself, and then took a watercolor class! it was glorious, and it even took me four more days to meander on home, mostly because i couldn't quite face it.

but face it i did, and eventually even opened up my new projects on ravelry, about which more in a subsequent post. but this post is to document what i've gotten done on the house so far, and what needs to be done (below, in bold) in the next two weeks, before i go back to school :(

today i really got a prodigious amount done, though. first, i dropped off five more boxes of books at the radio station, which i had culled from their temporary stoage in the study yesterday. then i reshelved the ones remaining (willy nilly, but organizing the things in things is another phase entirely!) and cleared away most of the detritus in the study. so we're back to this now:
turns out it will be a fine place to paint during the summer, when it's just too hot to paint here:
which is the painting space i'd carved out of the dining room a week ago, and is still my main repository for painting, but which turns into an oven on summer afternoon/evenings for the very same reason it's an ideal painting space in other seasons: the skylight.  The study, on the other hand, is darkened as old florida houses always were, and  has this:
a really lovely ceiling fan, one of only two in the house, as i replaced the one i'd put in the bedroom with a chandelier when i thought it had burned out, only to discover that it actually worked when the man took it down, but i had already bought the chandelier. still, it's a very pretty chandelier, as is the unwired one i tied to the fixture in the fiber studio, so i'm not really thinking about re-retrofitting either.

Anyway, the study will be good for taking my watercolors into to work on when the painting space becomes unbearable, and now just needs some more squaring away, and a good cleaning (dust 1/4 inch thick!)  I also ordered a shredder to arrive sometime next week, so i can turn the two decades worth of receipts presently in the study closet into excelsior to pack all the knick-nacks in the house away with, about which more later, so I think i will also clear out the study closet in this phase, to give me more storage room in this phase (even though most closets are definitely next phase!)

Once i got the study culled, i had some boxes of stuff to take back to school:

(the middle box, with no lid, is crammed with art supplies to be taken to school, while the back two are tapestry and heavy quilts that take up too much room; the front one contains knick-nacks to be packed up)

and a bunch of art stuff to go back into the studio:
This has got to happen right away (tomorrow) as the spiffy fiber studio now has got junk in it again! but! there is plenty of shelf space and empty closet space in there, so i just have to get it all put away before the whole thing disappears again!

The other thing that needs to happen is to pack away all the knitting projects currently piled on the hall tree
 as well as those hanging my my bedroom closet or in the chest of drawers, into the empty green tubs in the studio, so i can have room to unpack summer
and hang up the clothes i'll need to get ready for school again. Then i'll just need to figure out how to mask the tons of linens and such that i want but have no idea what to do with

and that will be the end of this phase.

Oh, and i don't want to spend more than two hours per day doing all this, so i can have my last two weeks of studio time, of course! So that's my to-do list.

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