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Thursday, December 15, 2005

New Orleans is not okay.

Hundreds of thousands of its people remain displaced, their homes uninhabitable; vast swaths of the city remain empty and lifeless, with no utilities or public services; businesses remain shuttered, their owners unsure when customers will return.

The city has put on a brave front, preparing for Mardi Gras and conventions to jump-start its tourism-driven economy. But when will its people come home?
Since Katrina hit on August 29, 2005, the city has struggled for answers about how to restore, rebuild and repopulate its devastated residential neighborhoods and commercial zones. The reality is that New Orleans residents will not truly begin the long recovery process until they feel adequately protected from the next deadly hurricane.

One Voice for New Orleans is a grassroots campaign to educate Americans and rally them around legislative efforts to protect and restore New Orleans.

New Orleans is one of the most historic, vibrant and culturally rich cities in America, but today the city needs your help to thrive once again.

If you care about the city or its residents, tell congress that you want to protect the city from future storms.

It is time for Washington to address the deadliest civil engineering failure in this country's history-one that has cost more than 1,000 lives, has destroyed 250,000 homes and has fractured thousands of families now spread across 48 states.

The levee breaches that allowed Katrina to wash over New Orleans were caused by an act of negligence - not an act of nature - the failure to properly construct and maintain the region's flood protection system.

Right now the federal government is considering funding for a fortified levee system built to withstand strong storms and protect the city from future flooding.

Without your help, New Orleans may die. We need your help NOW.

* Forward this email to your colleagues, friends and family - especially those outside of Louisiana so that they can learn about the plight of New Orleans.
* Email your state's Congressional leaders to tell them that New Orleans matters to you.

We aren't looking for handouts, just a helping hand. Together we can save a great American city.

Thank you,
One Voice for New Orleans
If your are unable to click on the links in this message, please go to and click on the "Take Action" link to automatically email your reprsentative.

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